Trump Meets Laken Riley’s Family Backstage at Rally

( – Before a recent Georgia presidential election rally, former President Donald Trump spent time talking to Laken Riley’s family. Laken Riley was studying nursing at a Georgia college when an illegal immigrant allegedly murdered her in a highly publicized case that many lawmakers cite as evidence of the ongoing lack of border security. When discussing his conversation with Riley’s family, Trump referred to the deceased nursing student’s exemplary record and the testimony from her family and friends, all of whom claim Riley was a kind and bright person.

After sharing the heartfelt comments from people who knew Riley, Trump said that President Biden was indirectly responsible for the nursing student’s murder. According to Trump, Biden’s failure to enforce adequate security at the southern United States border contributed to the dangerous conditions that enabled Riley’s death. Trump also accused Biden of allowing border officials to refuse deportation, allowing potentially dangerous individuals to enter and remain in the United States illegally.

Trump’s comments regarding Laken Riley’s death are hardly surprising to political experts, as the former president regularly campaigns about immigration and how his administration plans to address the migrant surge once he wins the upcoming election. Trump said that illegal immigration is the primary concern for his presidential campaign and that his office would pass policies that prevent other deaths like Laken Riley’s. During a rally in Ohio, Trump promised to reverse each of President Biden’s border policies, which Trump described as “open border” laws.

Laken Riley’s death comes up frequently for both presidential candidates and caused controversy after President Biden said Riley’s accused murderer was an illegal immigrant during his annual State of the Union speech. Following Biden’s comments, other Democratic lawmakers shared their disbelief that the president would call Riley’s accused killer an “illegal” rather than an “undocumented” immigrant. Biden quickly apologized for the comment, prompting many lawmakers to claim the president cares more about appeasing illegal immigrants and Democrats than the death of a 22-year-old American citizen.

Riley’s death serves as a reminder of the issues surrounding the ongoing immigrant surge into the United States, which many Americans cite as their primary concern ahead of the 2024 presidential election. President Biden claims that Americans aren’t in any danger from the relaxed border policies enacted by his administration, but other lawmakers like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene believe other deaths like Riley’s will likely occur.

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