Trump NUMBERS Released Out Of Florida – DeSantis Is…

( – While former President Donald Trump has been putting up impressive numbers nationally, he seems to be struggling a bit in his home state of Florida. 

Though Trump has been leading the GOP pack by a comfortable double digit margin nationally, a recent Emerson poll has the 45th President up just 3-points ahead of DeSantis in Florida, where he changed his residence to in 2019. 

Upon moving his permanent residence from New York to Florida, Trump tweeted. “I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state”, in reference to New York, “I will be making Palm Beach, Florida, our permanent residence.” 

DeSantis, though, is a very popular Governor in the Sunshine State. According to a survey conducted in December of 2022, an impressive 86% of Florida Republicans had a favorable view of DeSantis. Trump’s favorability in the state, conversely, was only at 48%. 

While it appears that Trump may be slightly underperforming in Florida, the new poll ultimately shows that his support has not diminished in the way that many political pundits predicted. The mainstream media, just a few months ago, frequently penned articles detailing how Trump was slipping in the polls. 

One article in The Economist titled, “Donald Trump is losing ground to Ron DeSantis ahead of 2024”, clearly put too much emphasis on early polling. Many other similar articles have not aged well. 

It is, at this point, abundantly clear that Trump still has a firm grasp on the GOP electorate. Though some in the party, like Freedom Caucus member Chip Roy (R-TX), who just recently endorsed DeSantis for President, would like to see new blood take over, it still seems very likely that Trump could clinch the Republican nomination.

So, while Trump’s margin in Florida may be slim, it is, ultimately, a promising sign. 

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