Trump PASSES Biden – New Polls Are Out!

( – A new ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday has former President Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 48-45%. The Real Clear Politics polling average has Trump up nearly 2% in a general election rematch against Biden.

Though the margin is slim, recent polling indicates that Biden would struggle to defeat President Trump if the election was held tomorrow. 

Trump, the only GOP candidate to officially announce a 2024 White House bid, outperforms even Ron DeSantis in a head-to-head against President Biden. In January, Emerson had Biden leading DeSantis by 1% in a general election matchup. 

While it may be imprudent to extrapolate anything significant from these few polls, it does emphatically prove that Trump remains a formidable candidate for 2024. 

Trump also leads the pack in the 2024 Republican nomination polls. He averages around a 15% lead. DeSantis is a distant second. 

DeSantis does, however, lead the GOP primary field in the state of New Hampshire. There, he leads Trump with a sizable 12-point advantage. 

In recent months, DeSantis has garnered quite a bit of momentum in the polls and in conservative media. Right leaning news outlets like National Review, for instance, have already denounced Trump for 2024 with a headline reading “no”. They have, instead, written fondly about a possible DeSantis run.

Other commentary outfits like Compact Magazine have issued emphatic endorsements of Trump’s candidacy. 

While the right engages in internal skirmishes, the Democrats seem to be accepting the fact that Biden will likely be running for another term.

President Biden, after two less than stellar years in office, is struggling to improve his mediocre job approval ratings. For months, Biden’s approval numbers have hovered around the low to mid 40s. Though there have been some outlier polls that have Biden approaching the 50s, there hasn’t been much movement in the Real Clear Politics averages. 

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