Trump Performs Better Following Release of Mugshot

( – New political polls indicate former President Donald Trump is polling exceptionally well among American voters and might even overtake President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 election, following Trump’s widely publicized mugshot. The mugshot originates from the Fulton County jail, where Trump surrendered following the fourth criminal indictment against him.

Trump surrendered to the detention center alongside 18 other officials, all charged with crimes relating to the 2020 election. According to the indictment, the officials sought to aid Trump in overturning the 2020 election’s results through political interference but failed to influence the election results within Georgia.

Despite the mugshot’s release and its subsequent sharing across mainstream media and social media platforms, Trump’s polling was better than before the mugshot’s release among American voters. According to a YouGov poll, Trump outperforms Biden by 1 percent, a 4-point increase from his polling in July. Trump’s campaign also reports a significant increase in donations following the mugshot’s release, claiming that voters donated over $9 million in the weeks following Trump’s appearance at the Fulton County jail.

Trump’s steady increase in polling performance worries many Democrats as President Biden’s candidacy falters. According to various polls centered around President Biden, many voters feel that Biden is too old to run for re-election in the 2024 election cycle. If re-elected, Biden will be 80 years old and the oldest United States president in history. Despite the apprehension regarding his age, Biden claims he will not drop out of the race and allow another Democrat to take his place. Many voters don’t want Biden to run again, as if his health declines, Vice President Kamala Harris will become the chief executive. Many voters detest Harris, and she consistently fails to poll decently among Americans nationwide.

Biden’s age isn’t the only factor worrying voters, as many lack confidence in Biden following his economic policies. Biden claims the American economy is on the rise and repeatedly touts the growing job market as an indication of success. Still, many citizens feel as though Biden is misrepresenting the truth. Although Biden’s popularity is declining, with Trump now maintaining the majority in polls nationwide, Biden remains confident he’ll be re-elected and serve another term as America’s chief executive.

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