Trump Says Biden’s Actions May Lead Us to WWIII

Trump Says Biden's Actions May Lead Us to WWIII

( – When former President Donald Trump was in office, he held no punches when it came to his strong diplomatic interactions with other countries. He worked hard to establish relations with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. President Joe Biden, however, is floundering in the same area, and now his predecessor is calling him out for his potentially dangerous actions.

During an interview with Lou Dobbs on “The Great America Show,” Trump was very clear about his opinion on how Biden is handling conflict, particularly regarding Russia’s threatening presence on Ukraine’s border.

Trump was particularly concerned with the fact Biden is entertaining the idea of sending troops to Europe to align with NATO against Russia’s aggressions. He said Biden risks starting World War III, and “it would have never happened under me.”

Russia isn’t the only area of interest, Trump said. He’s convinced China will go to war with Taiwan, pointing to the communist country’s escalations, particularly with sending warplanes over the airspace and sanctioning those who do business with the island nation.

According to the former president, several of Biden’s actions have led to “a lack of respect for us,” meaning the United States.

What do you think about Trump’s comments? Do you think Biden’s actions will lead to WWIII?

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