Trump Says Love For His Country Is Driving Putin, But He Is Going About It the Wrong Way

Trump Says Love For His Country Is Driving Putin But He Is Going About It the Wrong Way

( – On Sunday, March 13, former President Donald Trump appeared on Jeanine Pirro’s radio show. The Fox News host and Trump discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions. He had a lot of insight into the situation and offered his opinion to listeners.

Trump thinks Putin’s ultimate goal is to make his country larger and ultimately rebuild the Soviet Union. He says there’s a “lot of love” behind the Russian president’s actions, but he believes despite Putin’s efforts, the former union “didn’t work very well.”

Trump also believes Putin’s ego will lead him to continue escalating aggressions, and the invasion, as a whole, has been a failure. Looking at the state of the Russian economy and the numerous sanctions placed upon the Kremlin, oligarchs and companies, it’s easy to see how Trump arrives at this take as the invasion has lasted more than three weeks.

Further, ever since the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, Ukraine has been a sovereign state, a fact Putin refuses to acknowledge. He still considers the country part of Russia.

During the interview, Trump also speculated Putin’s actions would continue to worsen because he feels cornered, and worse may be yet to come.

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