Trump Signs $100 Million Deal As Presidential Rumors Swirl

Trump Signs $100 Million Deal As Presidential Rumors Swirl

( – Former President Donald Trump has refinanced his New York Trump Tower, with a $100-million loan, according to papers filed with the Office of the City Register. Axos, an online bank that offers a full range of services, financed the new mortgage. Some people speculate this move is to prepare for a 2024 presidential bid.

Trump Tower is home to the former president’s three-story penthouse and his real estate offices, as well as many prestigious shops that rent boutique space. It’s been an iconic building in New York since its completion in 1984.

While sources have pointed out some shops have fallen behind on rent, and the hotel’s occupancy rate dropped, Eric Trump told Forbes there’s nothing to worry about because of the low debt to cash ratio the profitable company carries.

More than likely, the refinancing of Trump Tower had nothing to do with preparation for the 2024 election as Trump has a war chest valued at $122 million, which gives him a running start over many would-be political opponents. The former president has yet to announce whether he’ll run again, but he’s dropped plenty of hints along the way.

What do you think? Is this a strategic move on Trump’s part to prepare for 2024?

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