Trump Slams Biden For ‘Horror’ In Middle East

( – Former President and front-runner GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for the “horror” unfolding in the Middle East. Trump blames the Biden Administration for the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and believes the White House’s failure to act prolongs the bloody conflict.

Trump also claims the Biden administration is weak and is enabling the war between Ukraine and Russia through inadequate policies and lackluster diplomacy. Trump said that the war between Ukraine and Russia wouldn’t have ever started under his administration. Trump also claims the Biden Administration is responsible for the growing inflation rate and the declining United States economy.

Trump’s comments come during a $250 civil fraud trial, in which he is accused of misrepresenting his business to mislead investors. Trump’s civil case is based in New York, and if found liable for civil fraud, Trump may lose his business license in New York City permanently.

Trump made his remarks amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which is the subject of widespread misinformation online. Social media users regularly post edited videos or pictures to villainize either side of the conflict. Artificial intelligence-generated content is also contaminating many posts, adding misrepresentations to the conflict, and creating fictional events. The misinformation surrounding the conflict is concerning to many high-ranking officials across the globe, who fear a rise in antisemitism may result from Israel being villainized or misrepresented by other parties. A common theme among the edited or falsified posts is the claim that Israel is acting as the aggressor, while the AI-generated posts paint Hamas as “freedom fighters” rather than a militant extremist group.

The conflict concerns many due to fears of potential escalation, with some officials speculating about Iran’s possible involvement in Hamas’ training and financing. According to Major General Michael Edelstein of the Israeli Defense Force, Israel possesses proof of Iran’s involvement in the conflict but cannot elaborate on the evidence it possesses at this time. The United States already warned Iran about becoming involved in Hamas’ attack on Israel, and such involvement would likely lead to escalated conflict between multiple nations.

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