Trump SLAMS Biden’s Iran Deal!

( – Former President Donald Trump is criticizing President Joe Biden’s deal with Iran, which provided Iran with billions of dollars for the release of five people. Trump called Biden “dumb as a rock” for allowing the deal to finalize, as it allowed Iran to receive five people and $6 billion in exchange for the return of five American citizens held as hostages.

Trump supported a negotiation with Iran to bring the hostages home but doesn’t believe Biden should have paid the ransom demanded by Iran for their safe return. Trump believes Biden’s decision to pay the ransom will encourage other countries to take Americans hostage and require payment in return. This alarming hypothetical will likely surface during the presidential election next year and bring Biden’s decision to pay the ransom under heavy scrutiny by voters. Despite the vocal criticism from Biden’s political opposition, the White House claims the finalized hostage deal is a victory.

According to the White House, Biden’s hostage deal is making five families “whole again” and will not result in further hostile action from bad actors like Iran or Afghanistan. Despite the White House’s statements claiming Biden secured a victory, many fear the hostage deal will encourage countries like Iran and cause further hostility between the two nations.

Trump is one such critic, and he claims that during his time in office, he brought over 50 hostages home without paying any money to countries like North Korea and Iran. While the deal provided for the safe return of American hostages, it serves as the latest instance of Biden failing to establish strength against hostile countries within the Middle East.

Despite Trump’s claims, Biden didn’t technically pay Iran $6 billion during the prisoner swap. Instead, the United States allowed Iran to transfer the money without fear of sanctions or other repercussions by the United States and its allies. Despite this technicality, many worry that Iran’s successful transaction will prompt other nations to act similarly, to the detriment of Americans within those countries. Despite these concerns, Biden remains adamant that the hostage deal is a win for the United States.

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