Trump Slams Emmer – ‘Globalist RINO’

( – Earlier this week, former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed the newly nominated potential Speaker of the House, Tom Emmer, claiming Emmer is a “globalist RINO” whose nomination was a mistake. Trump claimed Emmer – who was eventually dropped by House Republicans – is out of touch with Republican voters and wasn’t committed to upholding conservative ideals while serving the leadership position. Trump endorsed Republican Jim Jordan for the position, but Jordan ultimately failed to secure enough support to win the role.

While Emmer was the last nominee for the position before Johnson, he needed more votes from the House of Representatives to win. Emmer was the third nominee Republicans considered as Kevin McCarthy’s potential replacement and lost support among his Republican peers due to Trump’s criticisms. Emmer’s team attempted to portray Emmer as a Trump ally, claiming the Minnesota representative keeps a photo of Trump and him standing next to each other in his office.

However, Emmer isn’t as closely tied to Trump as his team indicates. Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy provided Emmer with an endorsement, indicating Emmer’s closer ties to the moderate conservatism movement. For Emmer to have secured enough votes to officially hold the office of Speaker of the House, he would’ve had to unite moderate conservatives with those who follow Trump’s more divisive political platform in the voting period.

Since McCarthy’s ousting through a historical motion to vacate, the lack of a Speaker of the House marks the longest time in United States history where the House of Representatives lacked leadership. Emmer is already the Majority Whip in the House, making him the third most influential Republican serving in the House of Representatives. Despite an endorsement from Kevin McCarthy, Emmer withdrew from the Speaker bid after learning he lacked the support required for the position.

According to some reports from outlets like PBS, Emmer withdrew his nomination just hours after he received the party’s support. Sources indicate that Donald Trump used his influence amongst GOP lawmakers to halt support for Emmer’s nomination, meaning the Speaker of the House position is again up for grabs.

Republicans ultimately rallied their support for Mike Johnson, from Louisiana, who won the seat as Speaker of the House on October 26th.

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