Trump Slams Judge for Violating His Civil Rights After Fraud Ruling

( – Former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is criticizing a New York Supreme Court Justice for claiming that Trump committed fraud and in a monetary valuation for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Trump claims that Justice Arthur Engoron is violating his civil rights, and Mar-a-Lago’s $18 million valuation determined by the court is drastically undervalued, likely in an attempt to portray Trump as dishonest.

Trump’s criticisms of Engoron mark the latest instance of the presidential candidate having issues with a judge overseeing his case. Trump also accused Engoron of “doing the bidding” of New York Prosecutor Letitia James, a prosecutor Trump famously detests. According to Trump, James ran on a platform focused on having him arrested or facing civil litigation. He said James is a corrupt prosecutor motivated by political biases. Despite Trump’s claims, he faces numerous cases in New York and is unlikely to win, given the hostility between him and the various state members he’s facing in court.

Trump stands accused of fraud in New York and faces a civil trial with a potential $250 million fine. According to some reports, Trump’s children will likely testify in court to discuss the various business dealings they’re involved in. Trump claims the fraud allegations aren’t true and maintains that he never misrepresented his brand as being more successful than it was. According to Trump, the allegations against him attempt to vilify him in the media and hinder his ongoing presidential campaign efforts. Trump’s children echo this belief, as do many American citizens who believe Trump is the target of an ongoing political witch hunt.

Engoron ruled that Trump’s company is liable for fraud and that Trump purposely lied to investors to inflate the value of his brand. Following the ruling against Trump, Trump’s various business certificates in the state are now canceled, preventing him from doing further business there. Despite the setback to Trump’s brand, the former president remains hopeful he’ll be cleared of wrongdoing once his trial begins. Trump maintains his innocence and believes the ongoing cases against him are political interference. Although Trump is embroiled in countless legal scandals, he remains the most popular Republican running in next year’s election by far.

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