Trump Supporters Lash Out at AOC During Rally

( – The success of former president Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx in New York underscored the neglect a number of New York residents feel from their elected representatives, such as Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district includes a part of the iconic New York City neighborhood.

Attendees, who came from all walks of life and ethnicities, and all who called themselves to be local residents, said in interviews that AOC, as the congresswoman is more commonly known, has done “nothing” to improve the living conditions in her district.

“She doesn’t even know what struggle is,” one woman told the Fox News program “Jesse Waters Primetime”. “Let her come to the Bronx… let her come among us people that struggle,” the woman added.

Another said that AOC “needs to stay out of the Bronx” because many people are moving to shift their support towards Trump. Many other residents expressed concerns that too little was being done to address everyday issues such as skyrocketing prices of daily commodities, the proliferation of illegal immigrants, and the increased crime rate in the city.

Many attendees defied the usual norms surrounding Trump and Republican supporters, with one man saying, “I’m absolutely Black, and I support Trump.”

Another black woman scored President Joe Biden for doing “nothing but say ‘you ain’t (sic) Black.’”

“I guess I’ll say ‘I ain’t (sic) Black’ because I’m not voting for him [Biden],” she said.

Prior to the event, AOC belittled the rally’s prospects, saying that it would just be another Trump “fundraising” event that would only be attended by “out-of-towners.” She also mocked the former president, saying that his holding a rally in New York City was tantamount to a ‘legal version of an ankle bracelet’ due to the multiple trials and lawsuits that has him largely pinned down in New York.

Trump’s campaign permit had provisioned for only 3,500 attendees, but his campaign staff said that more than 20,000 sent RSVPs for the event, while local law enforcement estimated that the crowd was anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 people, still well above the number of people who were expected to show up.

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