Trump Supporters’ Truckers Boycott After Civil Fraud Ruling

( – A group of truckers who support former President Donald Trump has said that they will boycott New York City and excise it from their routes, saying that they will refuse loads to and from the city in light of a recent court decision that will see the former president shell out more than $350 million fines, along with other penalties for committing fraud.

A pro-Trump truck driver named “Chicago Ray” first posted about the possibility of a boycott on Twitter / X, saying that he had talked to at least ten other truck drivers who were refusing to transport loads to and from the Big Apple after Judge Arthur Engoron ruled against the former chief executive.

“Truckers are (95%) Trump,” he tweeted, adding that he believes that the ruling – which Trump’s legal team said they will appeal – will be overturned.

Judge Engoron’s ruling fines Trump close to $355 million for committing fraud, along with a $4 million fine each for his sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. All three are also barred from holding any leadership or decision-making position in any of the Trump Organization’s businesses in the state for a three-year period. Trump’s businesses are also not allowed to borrow money from any New York-based bank or financial institution for the same amount of time.

The tweet from Chicago Ray has since been taken down, however, with the trucker saying that while he continues to “stand with Trump 100%”, he has removed the post out of respect for other drivers’ rights to make their own decisions in light of their careers and their families’ needs.

The prospect of a significant boycott by truckers of New York City also appears unlikely, as other truckers say that they have not heard of any boycott. A Tiktok user, “bluecollar trucker,” said that no one had approached him or the “lot of other guys on other (social media) platforms” that he knows about boycotting trips to New York City. However, he did say that there might be truckers who would refuse loads to the Big Apple due to issues like crime, traffic, and parking – all of which are long-standing problems in New York City.

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