Trump To Be Questioned In FBI Employee Lawsuits

( – Former President and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump will face questioning concerning lawsuits filed by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agents are suing the former president due to disparaging comments he made regarding negative texts made by the agents about him.

The FBI no longer employs the two agents filing suit against Trump. Still, the texts sparked speculation that the FBI’s ongoing investigations into Trump are motivated by political bias rather than genuine criminality. Once the texts became public knowledge, one of the agents retired from the FBI, while the other was fired unceremoniously.

Trump will now face questioning relating to the lawsuits against the Department of Justice for wrongful termination and violation of privacy. Despite Trump’s involvement in the scandal that prompted the pending legal action, the Justice Department attempted to shield Trump from questioning by claiming his testimony wasn’t required. A judge denied the department’s request, and Trump will discuss the scandal and the two agents that seemingly bashed him in private communications.

One of the agents involved in the lawsuit is Peter Strzok, who made headlines by claiming that Trump threatens national security. Strzok refers to the classified documents case, in which Trump allegedly kept and mishandled classified documents relating to various national security interests. However, Strzok is facing controversies of his own as he actively investigated Trump for the now-infamous Russian collusion scandal, which is now confirmed to be a hoax. Strzok remains silent about his involvement in a years-long investigation into Trump’s supposed ties to Russia. He claims the former president genuinely threatens national security and citizens’ well-being.

While Strzok’s lawsuit is still developing, the Department of Justice’s failed appeal indicates Trump is a damning witness for the department. Other individuals already testified in the suit, including the current FBI Director Christopher Wray, prompting the Department of Justice to claim Trump’s testimony is unnecessary. Trump claims he’s ready to provide testimony and isn’t nervous regarding the lawsuit, as it doesn’t directly name him as a defendant.

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