Trump to Take January 6th Witch Hunt All the Way to the Supreme Court

Trump to Take January 6th Witch Hunt All the Way to the Supreme Court

( – The witch hunt into the January 6th incident doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. In fact, former President Donald Trump’s lawyers were in court this week, arguing all the reasons why Trump shouldn’t have to turn over documents related to that day.

On Tuesday, November 30, Trump’s attorneys went head-to-head with attorneys for the House of Representatives and the National Archives (NARA), who claim the former president’s claim to executive privilege doesn’t hold water over President Biden’s authorization to release the materials to Congress. At the center of the oral arguments is the committee’s request of visitor logs, written communication between Trump’s advisers and phone records from January 6.

The three-judge panel on DC’s Circuit Court of Appeals seemed intent on arguing the matter, with Judge Patricia Millet saying, “We have one president at a time under our Constitution,” referring to Biden, who she says is in the position to “make that call.”

Justin Clark, the lead attorney in Trump’s corner, referred to the landmark case, Nixon v. GSA, which determined a former president has limited rights over privileged documents and the Presidential Records Act.

According to multiple media outlets, including Politico and Reuters, the Democrat-appointed judges seem poised to reject Trump’s appeal. However, his team has vowed to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. The circuit court panel has yet to issue a decision on the matter, but the case looks likely to end up before the SCOTUS on appeal before long.

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