Trump Vows to Block Radical Gender Ideology from Kids

( – As the 2024 presidential election approaches its final months, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have started discussing their plans to address voters’ key concerns, including education.

During a roundtable event stop in Detroit, Michigan, Trump promised that he would prevent schools from teaching gender ideology or racially focused lessons to children during school hours. Trump also briefly addressed transgender sports issues, claiming he would prevent men from competing in women’s sports.

Trump’s comments about gender ideology directly contrast with President Biden’s, as the president has repeatedly affirmed his support for transgender people and recognized gender fluidity. President Biden even introduced a new amendment to Title IX, which extends additional protections to transgender students on college campuses. Biden’s amendment to Title IX provided a new definition for gender discrimination, which would consider a student’s gender identity rather than their biological gender at birth. Biden’s revision to Title IX also prevents colleges from keeping students separate based on their gender identity, essentially allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

During his Michigan event appearance, Trump promised to prevent schools from focusing on gender identity when establishing students’ curriculums. Trump also said that if he’s reelected in November, he will start cutting funding to schools that use resources to teach students about gender ideology. While talking about his plan to prevent schools from focusing on gender identity, Trump said that he would also defund any schools that teach students about the controversial topic known as critical race theory.

Although some political experts believe Congress would prevent Trump’s attempt at reducing funding for schools that teach liberal ideological subjects, Trump said he has a plan to avoid Congress’ interference. According to Trump, he’ll use an executive order to end federal funding to schools that teach critical race theory, transgender ideology, and any topic that he considers political, sexual, or focused on race. Trump also said he would end federal school funding with a vaccine or mask requirement.

Trump’s comments reaffirmed the former president’s promise to focus on education once reelected. Many voters have identified education as a top concern for the 2024 election, along with the economy and border security. Trump has repeatedly promised to end the massive influx of immigrants into the United States and to help make goods and services cheaper for American citizens. Trump has also promised to prevent politics from reaching schools, citing his concern that liberal educators want to influence parents’ children.

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