Trump Would NOT Deploy This Weapon – Biden Is Already Doing It…

( – Former President Donald Trump responded to current President Joe Biden’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster munitions to aid in their conflict against Russia. Biden confirmed that the United States would be providing additional arms and ammunition to Ukraine, despite claiming the United States was low on cluster bombs in the past.

Trump blasted Biden’s decision to provide more military aid to Ukraine, noting that he wouldn’t have provided Ukraine with the cluster bombs as it would potentially escalate the conflict between Russia and the United States. Trump went on to call Biden’s decision dangerous and even claimed that such a move could bring the United States closer to war with Russia. Biden has been an avid supporter of Ukraine during his presidency, a stance that will likely draw controversy during his upcoming presidential election.

Biden’s decision to provide Ukraine with more military aid surprised many, given how he recently spoke about the United States being low on munitions. Despite this apparent shortage of ammunition, Biden seems ready to give Ukraine even more. Biden has historically been one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters and has even provided President Volodymyr Zelensky with numerous public appearance opportunities. Biden even visited Ukraine and was captured in photos standing next to Zelensky in combat zones, which drew heavy online criticism. Although Biden’s aid to Ukraine has helped the country in its ongoing conflict, Ukrainian officials are aiming for NATO membership, which would effectively put Russia against the entirety of NATO should they continue their conflict.

NATO recently held an annual summit in which many countries renewed pledges to help ensure Ukraine’s security, but Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO wasn’t addressed. Zelensky has expressed disappointment in the lack of a clear path to NATO membership for his country but has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the continued foreign aid to Ukraine throughout the war. Biden will likely comment on his support of Ukraine during next year’s election to appeal to progressives and paint himself as an anti-Russian candidate against GOP hopefuls like Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump.

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