Trump’s Ambitious Rally Faces Skepticism From Local Congressman

( – Former president Donald Trump is banking on polls that show growing support for him among black and Latino voters, with his campaign planning an ambitious campaign rally in the Bronx in New York.

The last time a Republican won in the Bronx was in the 1920s’ more than a century ago. Trump has historically been no different, garnering only 10% of the vote during his successful 2016 presidential campaign, and 15% when he ran again in 2020.

However, more recent numbers show a steady shift of voters – particularly blacks and Latinos – towards Republicans. CNN analysis shows that Trump is leading Biden in most of the country’s swing states, with significant improvement in shows of support from voters of color. Recent polls show the former chief executive garnering anywhere from 20% to 28% support from black voters, and 45% to 48% support from Hispanics. The numbers are significantly higher than exit polls conducted at the end of the 2020 elections, which saw Trump lose and Biden elected as president. However, Trump is showing gains in voter segments previously untapped by his campaign – an advantage that comes at Biden’s expense. A poll from CNBC shows Biden’s favor among voters of color falling to 57%, compared to the 71% recorded just after his 2020 win.

Trump’s Bronx rally will be held in Crotona Park, which lies just a few blocks away from the New York district represented by Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Trump’s campaign has permission to have around 3,500 people in attendance. There is a chance, however, that much more people show up, as evidenced by the massive rally of Team Trump in the Democratic bailiwick of New Jersey, where attendance reached as much as 100,000 people.

While local Republicans welcome the prospect of a visit from Trump, their Democratic counterparts seem to be unbothered by the upcoming event. City Council Member Oswald Feliz, who oversees the district Crotona Park belongs to, says that he has not heard of any plans for counter protests in response to the Trump rally.

“We shouldn’t waste much time with that rally,” he said.

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