Trump’s Former Lawyer Says He Acted Like a Mob Boss

( – According to Ty Cobb, one of Trump’s lawyers during his time as president, there is evidence that Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice while serving as commander in chief. Cobb compared Trump’s behavior to that of a “mob boss” and claims Trump issued orders to his aids that were ethically questionable.

Cobb claims that Trump demanded his assistant, Molly Michael, lie for him and actively avoid cooperating with police. Cobb also believes Trump engaged in witness tampering during the federal government’s investigation into his alleged mishandling of classified documents. According to Cobb, Trump asked Michael to deny seeing any boxes of classified material when questioned by authorities, an outright lie that Michael refused to tell federal agents. Despite Cobb’s claims, Trump denies wrongdoing and claims he declassified the documents as president.

Cobb was appointed White House Special Counsel by Trump in 2017 and served in the position throughout Trump’s administration. Cobb is now speaking out about working alongside the former president and indicating that Trump acted illegally after his term ended in 2021. Despite Cobb’s claims, Trump’s legal team repeatedly protested Trump’s innocence and refused to take a plea deal in any criminal cases against the former president.

Cobb believes Michael’s decision to cooperate with Special Counsel Jack Smith, who oversees the classified document case against Trump, will result in further legal issues for the Republican figurehead. Trump claims the ongoing criminal cases against him result from a political witchhunt and denies acting illegally during his time as president. Despite these claims of innocence from the former president, Cobb’s statements indicate otherwise.

Cobb also claims that Trump wrote to-do lists on the back of multiple classified documents, indicating further mishandling of classified material on behalf of Donald Trump. This claim isn’t proven, but Cobb’s experience as Trump’s White House lawyer likely provided him with uninhibited access to Trump’s administration. Cobb’s statements mark the latest legal development for Donald Trump and will probably hurt the former president’s chances of securing a favorable verdict during his inevitable trial.

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