Tucker Carlson Drops BIG HINT – Is This Next?

(DailyVantage.com) – Fox News Media broke the internet on Monday when they announced in a statement that Tucker Carlson would be leaving the network. 

Carlson’s hit show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, which aired its first episode in 2016, averaged well over 3 million viewers a night. 

Since his sudden departure on Monday, though, Carlson has remained silent on the matter, with no updates to his Twitter or other social media accounts. 

But on Wednesday, the former Fox News host broke his silence with a rather ambiguous video posted to his Twitter page. In the two minute video message, Carlson criticized the current media landscape, saying that there is no room for descent or opinions that counter the prevailing mainstream media narrative. 

Carlson called most debates on T.V. “unbelievably stupid” and “completely irrelevant”. Honest debate, he argued, is nearly impossible to come by today. 

“Both political parties and their donors have reached consensus on what benefits them”, Carlson continued, “and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it”. 

Carlson’s plans for the future remain unclear. At the end of his short video, the former Fox News host left fans with a rather cryptic message: “Where can you still find Americans saying true things there aren’t many places left but there are some, and that’s enough…As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.” 

In just a matter of hours, the brief video accrued well over 400,000 likes and 100,000 retweets. Gunther Eagleman, a prominent conservative Twitter user, commented “Stay strong Tucker!!! You have all real America behind you!” Many other users left supportive comments. 

As of now, Carlson’s future is up in the air. He will, without question, be highly sought after by various conservative media outlets. Carlson, however, will come at a steep price.

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