TV Star TRAGEDY – He May Never Look The Same!

Jay Leno's Gasoline Burns May Permanently Disfigure Him

Jay Leno’s Gasoline Burns May Permanently Disfigure Him

( – One aspect Jay Leno is well known for, other than hosting “The Tonight Show,” is his extensive collection of cars. He routinely shows them off on his reality show, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” The late-night TV personality loves to work on them in his spare time, but things took a horrible turn when he was doing just that on Saturday, November 12.

Leno was working on one of his vehicles, a 1907 White Steam Car. The vehicle had a clogged fuel line, which the comedian was trying to fix when gasoline sprayed all over his face and hands. In a horrific perfect storm, a spark simultaneously set the gasoline — and Leno — on fire. If not for the quick actions of a friend, the situation could have become worse.

As it is, Leno, speaking to TMZ, revealed that he has 3rd-degree burns on his face and hands. These injuries are so bad they might require surgery and skin grafts. In the meantime, the TV show host will remain in the hospital for several days. He has been undergoing hyperbaric treatments — an oxygen therapy that helps heal significant wounds more quickly.

An unnamed source spoke to NBC News, saying Leno is unlikely to want to remain hospitalized, even if his doctors say he should. Time will tell how quickly he heals before he returns to his engagements.

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