Two Students’ Questions Hilariously Tank Democrat Disinformation Panel

Two Students' Questions Hilariously Tank Democrat Disinformation Panel

( – Several fake news and disinformation campaigns have come to light in recent years. In fact, “fake news” became a popular term during former President Donald Trump’s time in office concerning the Left’s attempts to smear him in the media. When a panel of left-leaning media voices and politicians, including former President Barack Obama, held a conference recently, two college students who called the panelists’’ hypocrisy into question put them in their place.

Who Exactly Is Spreading Disinformation?

From April 6 to 8, the University of Chicago and The Atlantic hosted a conference titled: “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” The conference intended to draw attention to disinformation campaigns and how they affect democracy, but it had an unexpected twist. While the discussion undoubtedly centered on misinformation and smear campaigns perpetrated by the Right, Liberal media figures, including The Atlantic’s staff writer Anne Applebaum and CNN’s Brian Stelter, faced down two college students intent on drawing attention to the Left’s maladies.

University of Chicago freshman Daniel Schmidt posed a question to Applebaum about none other than Hunter Biden’s laptop. He mentioned a 2020 article in which she wrote that people outside of Fox News don’t need to hear about Hunter and his misdeeds. A story Applebaum effectively wrote off as disinformation was later proven true, with two notable publications walking back prior dismissals.

“Do you think [media outlets] acted [improperly] when they… dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation?” he posed and then followed up by asking what the media, and presumably society, could learn from that incident.

Instead of answering him, Applebaum tried to deflect. She called Hunter’s laptop “totally irrelevant,” despite a poll revealing up to 16% of people would’ve acted differently during the 2020 presidential election had they known the facts surrounding the allegations lodged against Hunter Biden.

Apparently undeterred, Applebaum said Hunter’s laptop has no bearing on who should be president of the United States when the American public has a right to know whether one of the POTUS’ children is benefitting from him being in office — besides, Joe Biden was vice president at the time.

Stelter in the Hot Seat

Applebaum wasn’t the only one who came under fire. Christopher Phillips, also a freshman, questioned CNN’s Brian Stelter about his network’s penchant for spreading disinformation, even as they point the finger at Fox News. He pointed out several examples, like the Russian collusion and Jussie Smollett hoaxes and smearing of Brett Kavanaugh while he was undergoing confirmation for the Supreme Court.

Stelter, like Applebaum, refused to answer the question, telling Phillips he was “describing a different channel than the one I watch” and dismissing his claims as a “right-wing narrative.”

Despite the two journalists’ deflections, Schmidt and Phillips received widespread praise for their questioning, which succeeded in pointing out the very hypocrisy of the people on the panel and showed more young adults are paying attention to political discourse and are doing their own research.

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