U.S. Capitol Gives EMERGENCY ORDERS – Desperate Measures!

(DailyVantage.com) – On Sunday, President Joe Biden had a fence erected around the Capitol building. This comes just two days before the beleaguered President’s second State of the Union Address.

Last Wednesday, a group of Congressional Democrats wrote a letter to House and Senate leaders pleading for ramped up security ahead of the address: “We write with urgent concern for the safety and security of the President, other dignitaries , and guests at the upcoming State of the Union Address.” The letter goes on to cite the infamous Jan 6th Capitol riot as an impetus for ratcheting up security measures in D.C. 

Some, however, think it is hypocritical for Biden and the Democrats to come out in favor of a fence around the Capitol while, at the same time, being adamantly against a wall at the southern border. 

While no credible threats have been levied against the Capitol building ahead of the President’s much anticipated speech, the U.S.-Mexico border remains under siege daily.

On January 13th, Pew Research Center released a report that documented record levels of migrants attempting to cross the border into the U.S. According to the study, border patrol had over 200,000 encounters with illegal immigrants in November of 2022 alone. These are numbers unlike ever before in the country’s history.

So while Biden is ratcheting up security in D.C., he is leaving the southern border virtually unguarded.

This also comes just days after the U.S. government located a Chinese spy balloon flying over South Carolina. Marjorie Taylor Green, in a tweet posted on Monday, said “Joe Biden is more afraid of Americans visiting the Capitol than a Chinese Spy Balloon.” 

Other Twitter users, mostly on the right, argued that Biden was acting hypocritically. Bo, Snerdly, for example, noted that Democrats often call walls “ineffective”. 

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