U.S. Volcano May Finally Blow – Red Alert!

US Volcano May Be Ready To Erupt, Say Scientists

US Volcano May Be Ready To Erupt, Say Scientists

(DailyVantage.com) – A myriad of volcanic eruptions created the islands of Hawaii, and except for Kauai, most still have active structures. As such, there’s always the chance one will erupt, and they’re often unpredictable, devastating events. Some signals have Hawaiian officials warning residents that one of its Big Island volcanoes might blow.

On Hawaii’s Big Island, Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano, last erupted in 1984. Scientists attributed the event to an increasing number of earthquakes in the three years preceding its explosion. Now, signs indicate the same pattern could be starting again.

In the middle of September, officials raised Mauna Loa’s status to a state of “heightened unrest” after the number of daily earthquakes significantly increased from between 10 and 20 to between 40 and 50, including a 5.1 magnitude tremblor that struck on October 14. While the tremors have decreased in the last several days, scientists warn they could increase again.

During the weekend of October 22-23, county civil defense officials held a community meeting to discuss the activity and recommend precautions residents should take. They made clear that there was no immediate threat of an imminent eruption, but they wanted to alert people, just in case.

The population on the island is significantly larger than it was during the last eruption, and officials wanted to ensure everyone knew how to prepare and evacuate in case Mauna Loa erupts. According to NBC, the administrator for Hawaii County Civil Defense, Talmadge Magno, said, “there’s a potential for some kind of lava disaster,” particularly for people living on the slopes. Officials also cautioned to have a bag and food prepared to go and a place to stay lined up, just in case.

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