U.S. Warns Of SHRINKING SUPPORT – Notifies Ukraine!

US Warns Zelenskyy of Possible

US Warns Zelenskyy of Possible “Ukraine Fatigue” Among Allies

(DailyVantage.com) – The Ukraine war has raged for over eight months. While many observers expected the country to fall to Russia relatively quickly, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his forces, and his constituents proved resilient. Since the beginning, the West has been doling out aid in the form of military equipment and ammunition. However, it seems allies are beginning to fear the effects of a protracted war, and the US has reportedly spoken to Ukrainian officials about the very real potential of “Ukraine fatigue.”

What Is Ukraine Fatigue?

This particular terminology refers to the thinning effect on other countries’ patience created by continuing to hand over aid to the war-torn country. According to The Washington Post, US officials have spoken with Ukrainian government heads to dissuade them from publicly declaring they won’t negotiate with Russia unless the country removes its President, Vladimir Putin, from office.

The American officials acknowledge that Putin might not be willing to entertain peace talks, but the fact that Ukraine remains so closed off to negotiating could prove a deterrent to obtaining more aid. Concern among allies, including those in Europe, Latin America, and Africa — particularly in the face of worsening economic conditions and food shortages — is evident.

According to Western officials, at a minimum, Ukraine must be willing to take steps toward negotiation rather than issue a hard line. The government currently relies on its allies to support them through the war, and Western officials believe Ukraine’s stubborn stance could eventually drive away support.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan believes Russia should pull out and end the war, saying, “Russia chose to start it.” Yet, the Kremlin continues to double down.

Support Eroding in the US

The United States has been a big proponent of supporting Ukraine through the war. It’s sent nearly $20 billion in aid to the country in technology such as drones, HIMARS, ammunition, and other equipment. Still, despite President Joe Biden’s “for as long as it takes” stance, polls show Republicans have grown tired of continuing to send out more money while Americans at home suffer.

Economic issues and inflation currently top US concerns, and the price of goods is escalating nationwide. Lawmakers would prefer to focus on dialing back spending and getting the economy back on track rather than continue to write blank checks to Ukraine.

Neither President Zelenskyy nor any Ukrainian officials have commented on the reported private meetings or discussions of negotiating with Russia.

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