UAW Strike Is Finally Over – Workers Get Better Benefits

( – On Monday, General Motors purportedly came to an agreement with the United Auto Workers union (UAW), ending their 6-week strike. UAW members will see an increase in their wages and will receive better benefits.

The consensus General Motors reached with the UAW mirrors the deal the workers had when they picketed against Ford. By April 2028, those wages will grow by at least 25 percent. They also affirmed that when an auto factory closes, they have the right to maintain a strike.

The deal between GM and UAW will bring about the end of wage variances between the union members. It will also consider the “cost of living” for its members and include a three-year wage increase plan. These benefits were once in place, around the time of the Great Recession.

In Warren, Ohio, at General Motors’s Ultium Cells industrial unit, auto workers went from earning $30 per hour to only $16.50. The United Auto Workers were especially hoping to raise the plant’s workers’ salaries as one of the goals of their deal with GM.

The union was able to strike a deal to raise the salaries at the Ultium Cells industrial plant by 11 percent. If the positions became available, workers were promised that they would be able to transfer to jobs at electric vehicle production plants and EV battery plants. They aspire to do this without suffering financial consequences.

President Joe Biden has been pushing automobile manufacturing companies into agreeing to switch over to manufacturing electric cars, though the public is not enthusiastic about the automobiles. No one knows what the future holds for auto workers in these organizations.

Biden’s Green New Deal is being hindered or completely dropped by many administrators who work in automobile businesses. These decisions stem from Americans becoming disenchanted with electric cars and trucks. Auto workers fear losing their jobs as it takes fewer people to run an EV plant. They could see a decrease in their wages. The United States also buys most of its essential EV materials, used to make batteries, from China.

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