Uber BANS Driver After Disturbing Act Caught On Camera!

(DailyVantage.com) – Popular ride-sharing service Uber has banned a driver and contacted police after he was caught on video allegedly attempting to rape an unconscious passenger.

The video, which went viral on April 10 and appeared to take place in the UK, showed the Uber driver with his pants down in the back seat of his car next to an unconscious female passenger, who appeared to be passed out from alcohol intoxication. The man who recorded the video asked the driver what he was doing and questioned why he was engaging in such activity during the month of the Muslim festival Ramadan.

“Listen, this is disgusting, mate… You’re f***ing raping a girl in the back, the man with the camera alleged, as the driver pulled up his pants, apologized, and got back behind the wheel of his car. The driver then drove off with the unconscious passenger, whom the cameraman described as “a little kid,” still in the back seat.

While many social media users criticized the cameraman for failing to intervene further and allowing the driver to drive off with the woman still in the back, his footage captured the license plate of the car and allowed Uber to easily identify the driver.

After the clip went viral on Twitter, Uber’s support team released a statement condemning the “horrifying” incident. A spokesperson for the company revealed that it had banned the driver seen in the video and that it had been in contact with local police to assist them with an investigation.

It is far from the only time that an Uber driver has been accused of raping or attempting to rape a passenger. In November 2022, an Uber driver in Christchurch, New Zealand, was deported after he raped a drunk passenger several years earlier, while in January 2021, an Uber driver in Queensland, Australia, was sentenced to seven years in prison for raping an eighteen-year-old passenger in the back seat of his car.

In December 2017, a British woman working for the UK Embassy in Lebanon was raped and murdered by an Uber driver on her way home from a bar, and several Uber drivers have already been accused of raping their passengers in 2023.

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