Ukrainian Forces Hit Russian Ammo Depot, Kill General

Ukrainian Forces Hit Russian Ammo Depot, Kill General

Putin General Dead – They Finally Got Him!

( – Ukraine has steadfastly fought off Russian troops since they invaded back in February. The United States and other countries from the West have sent the war-torn country military equipment to keep it on the offensive. As a result, Ukrainian forces recently scored a big success in the Russian-held city of Nova Kakhovka.

On Monday, July 11, the Ukrainian military targeted and destroyed a Russian ammunition depot, causing a massive explosion in the southern city of the Kherson Oblast. The city of Nova Kakhovka, a port city, has been under Russian control for months. Officials said the attack also killed troops in the area.

Ukraine also credits the United States for helping it take out high-ranking members of the Russian military. A spokesman for Odesa’s regional military, Serhiy Bratchuk, said in a Telegram post that a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) missile recently struck the 22nd Army Corps headquarters in Kherson, killing Maj. Gen. Artem Nasbulin. The HIMARS system has helped Ukraine hit targets further away, including Kherson, increasing its military reach.

While Ukraine targets ammunition depots and Russian military headquarters, its opponent attacks civilian areas. A strike on an apartment complex in Odesa earlier this month killed nearly two dozen, 19 more died in an attack on a Kremenchuk shopping center in June, and the most recent attack on Tuesday caused a fire that injured at least 12 and damaged two hospitals.

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