Uncovering Truth – Rep. Jordan’s SHOCKING Discoveries

(DailyVantage.com) – Representative Jim Jordan, who also serves as the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, wants to interview multiple people associated with government censorship. Jordan wants to interview Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, and Christopher Krebs, the former director of CISA. CISA worked with multiple social media platforms before the 2020 election and sought to monitor speech used by audiences that might be inflammatory or offensive.

Due to the CISA’s role in monitoring and aiding in the censorship of American citizens, Jordan wants to interview Krebs and determine the influence that the CISA held over the average citizen during the monitoring period. Jordan wants to interview Roth for his decision to censor the now-infamous Hunter Biden laptop story, which was initially censored for “misinformation.

It is now confirmed not to be “misinformation,” but a real and actual scandal. Multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat purposely censored the laptop story to avoid controversy, but Twitter remains the most influential platform that avoided publicizing the national scandal.

Jordan is also investigating President Joe Biden and his youngest son, Hunter, for allegedly participating in a bribery scheme. He remains adamant that the Biden family used their influence on social media to portray themselves as favorable during a highly contested election.

Jordan recently made headlines for subpoenaing officials from the FBI and the IRS to investigate a meeting where officials and agencies allegedly discussed an investigation into Hunter Biden. Jordan’s probe into the Biden family revealed that the IRS reportedly knew about Hunter Biden’s tax crimes, which he’s now officially charged for, but refused to act based on an order from the Biden administration. While Jordan’s investigative probe hasn’t resulted in a criminal case against President Joe Biden yet, it likely contributed to the multiple criminal cases against Hunter Biden.

The IRS and FBI aren’t the only federal bodies that Jordan subpoenaed officials from, as he’s also requesting to meet with a prominent member of the DOJ for alleged collusion with big tech platforms. Merrick Garland, the current Attorney General who heads the Department of Justice, is the official in question. Jordan also subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray in the collusion claims, where he claims the two agencies cooperated with multiple social media platforms to limit and hide disfavorable speech. Jordan’s investigations are ongoing, but the likelihood of criminal consequences for the alleged censorship collusion remains highly unlikely.

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