US Aircraft Carrier Deployed in Possible Warning to Kim Jong-un

US Aircraft Carrier Deployed in Possible Warning to Kim Jong-un

U.S. Aircraft Carrier DEPLOYED to Korean Peninsula

( – To say that tensions have been escalating between the United States and North Korea would be a gross understatement. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has been relentless in his pursuit of developing nuclear weapons despite the threat of increasing sanctions. In a recent speech on Thursday, September 15, Kim announced parliament members passed new legislation stating the country would automatically respond with nuclear strikes if North Korea or its leadership came under attack, including at the “starting point of provocation and the command.”

Concerning Statements

During his speech, Kim also decried South Korea’s plans to work with the US military to strengthen its capabilities. The United States is trying to put his country in a position where “they could collapse our government at any time,” he said. Experts say Kim has made it clear he’s unwilling to negotiate denuclearization, instead hoping for the ability to bargain and international recognition as a nuclear state to afford his country relief from sanctions.

Naturally, Kim’s declarations raised serious concerns and drew comments from the UN and apparent action from the US. A statement from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ office called out North Korea’s continuance in “disregard[ing] the resolutions of the Security Council to cease [nuclear] activities.”

Tensions between North and South Korea have been growing for years. The southern country has tried to reach an agreement, but with little success. Before North Korea passed this new law, Kim’s regime continued to carry out a number of practice missile launches, putting many countries on high alert.

US Deploys Aircraft Carrier

The United States is sending one of its aircraft carriers, the “USS Ronald Reagan,” to participate in military exercises with South Korea for the first time since 2017, when it sent three aircraft carriers. The Reagan was also part of that group. The South Korean Navy stated the joint exercises and the carrier group exhibit “the firm resolve by the Korea-U.S. alliance for the sake of peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.” The ship should reach a South Korean naval base on Friday, September 23.

Although South Korea has no nuclear weapons, the US protects the nation under its “nuclear umbrella.” The US promises a devastating response should North Korea attack its southern neighbor. Additionally, America has over 28,000 troops stationed in the ally nation.

Military leaders from South Korea and the United States plan to hold a conference once the “USS Ronald Reagan” reaches port in Busan.

How do you feel about the upcoming joint military exercises between the two countries?

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