US Diplomats SLAM Biden’s Israel Policy In Leaked Memo

( – High-ranking United States diplomats from the State Department are slamming President Biden’s approach to the war between Hamas and Israel in a leaked memo detailing proposed policies regarding Israel and the surrounding region. Featured in the memo are two distinct policies, with one concerning private and public messages from United States citizens.

The first policy is that the United States will publicly support a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, an unlikely outcome given the escalation of conflict between the two nations. The second policy recommends that criticisms of Israel and its government, as well as the horrific conditions that Palestinians are experiencing, should be kept balanced with public messages regarding support for Israel if possible. The key concern addressed in the memo is that the United States should avoid appearing biased in the conflict, as the perception that the United States is taking sides will weaken international connections with nations like Iran or Jordan.

The memo also explicitly states that the United States will address the conflict and clarify that Israel does not act without oversight and that world leaders will address any violations of international law on Israel’s part. Another portion of the memo contains a call for United States officials to publicly denounce Israel’s use of offensive weaponry against non-military targets, likely due to the controversy surrounding the alleged strike by Israel on a public hospital just weeks ago. Israel defended the action by claiming the hospital served as a center for Hamas’ operations. Still, world leaders are claiming the attack is an overreach by Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

The memo originates from the State Department and is critical of how Israel is operating in its conflict with Hamas. The State Department isn’t commenting on the leaked document, which is standard procedure, but it seems the memo received support from certain members of the federal government. However, it is unlikely to gain support within the executive branch. President Biden is an outspoken supporter of Israel, and the United States will likely provide aid to Israel in the coming weeks.

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