US Reveals Sanctions Designed to Defund Hamas

( – The United States is making efforts to sanction individuals and companies with ties to Hamas to limit Hamas’ funding and halt the militant group’s war effort. The new sanctions target countries like Iran, Turkey, and Sudan, all of which openly support the Hamas attack on Israel and have ties to Hamas’ funding.

According to Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo, the sanctions will hinder Hamas’ ability to wage war against Israel by reducing the support it receives from third parties. The sanctions also target individuals with ties to Iran who allegedly work as liaisons between Iran and Hamas and others who provide military training to Hamas troops. The new sanctions will expand on pre-existing sanctions instituted after Hamas attacked Israel, which targeted companies and people in Sudan, Algeria, Gaza, and Qatar, among other nations with ties to Hamas.

The sanctions instituted by the Biden administration started last week as a response to the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas. According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the sanctions are meant to disrupt Hamas’ ongoing activities in Israel and Gaza and will prevent Hamas from receiving enough financial support to prolong the war effort. The sanctions also allow the United States to effectively hinder the militant group’s efforts in the region without using the armed forces against Hamas. President Biden planned on meeting political leaders from the areas targeted by the sanctions but canceled the scheduled meetings after the controversial hospital strike by Israel, which prompted widespread protests across the globe.

The planned visit by President Biden will likely occur in the coming weeks once the protests against Israel in nations like Turkey and Syria lose support. Biden already met with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to express the United States’ interest in preventing hostile action against Israel. The United States remains one of Israel’s most significant allies in terms of aid and will likely contribute to the war effort for the foreseeable future. Some Republican lawmakers fear that Biden’s ongoing involvement with Netanyahu will prompt nations like Iran to become directly involved in the war effort, but so far, Iran isn’t actively joining Hamas’ war against Israel.

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