US Stops Drone Attack On Troops In Iraq

( – According to two officials connected to the United States military, armed forces intercepted a drone strike targeting US troops in Iraq. The officials didn’t confirm the party responsible for the attack, but some believe Iran is involved.

Iran is a potential suspect due to the international tension between Tehran and Washington, D.C., and the increasingly hostile rhetoric between the two nations’ leaders. The drone strike occurred just hours after a missile struck a Gaza hospital. According to Israeli officials, the attack resulted from a misfire by Hamas. Hamas claims Israel is responsible for the devastating hospital strike. The incident is the latest development in the conflict between Hamas and Gaza, and various world leaders are investigating the strike to determine which party is responsible for the tragic deaths of the hospital’s patients. The conflict in Israel is causing international tension amongst Western and Middle Eastern nations that support either side.

The intercepted drone strike isn’t the only recent attack on United States bases in Iraq, as three different drone attacks injured coalition forces over the past day. While no fatalities occurred, it marks a startling development in the occupation of Iraq. Iraqi faces typically lack the resources to perpetrate automated drone strikes against high-value United States targets. The United States officials disclosing the attacks to the press aren’t confirming the party responsible for the escalating strikes, prompting speculation that another nation might be involved in the ongoing effort to harm United States troops. According to Central Command, the United States will continue to defend Coalition forces and US troops from any threat in Iraq.

According to some sources, the attacks originate from Iraqi militias that receive regular support from Iran. The attacks are likely a response to the outspoken support of Israel by President Joe Biden and various military leaders. The attack will probably continue in the coming weeks. Luckily, the drone strikes haven’t been lethal, and only a handful of troops sustained injuries due to the attacks.

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