Uvalde Families Raise Voices Seeking Answers

Uvalde Families Raise Voices Seeking Answers

Mass Shooting UPDATE – Anger Turning To Action

(DailyVantage.com) – It’s been more than a month since the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, that claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults. In the weeks since the tragedy, authorities have released conflicting information about police involvement and the lack of preparedness and action on behalf of the law enforcement agencies.

Initially, the parents were mostly silent, overcome with grief, but the cries for answers and justice are beginning to escalate. Now, the victims’ families are speaking out louder than ever before.

Speaking Out at City Council

We’re still not any closer to learning exactly what happened that fateful day when the shooter barricaded himself in a classroom for more than an hour while law enforcement failed to respond. Investigations are still ongoing and will likely continue over the next several months.

However, the lack of answers has only spurred parents’ anger. Several of the victims’ family members spoke out at City Council meetings and even testified before Congress, like Kimberly Rubio, mother of slain 10-year-old Alexandria Aniyah Rubio. She and other parents stood outside city hall with pictures of their children, ensuring their loved ones live on in the memories of authorities. They say they’re tired of “empty words” and the lack of transparency.

Unheard Voices March and Rally

The victims’ families are also expressing their outrage in other ways. On Sunday, July 10, hundreds of people joined together in the Unheard Voices March and Rally. The march began at the elementary school, which still serves as a memorial to the lives lost. It finished at Uvalde Plaza, where mourners paid homage to the victims, recalling their unfinished dreams. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke, a staunch gun-control advocate, joined the rally.

Javier Cazares, whose 9-year-old daughter, Jackie, died in the shooting, said the families want an answer as to why the response was so botched. They also want those at fault held accountable, particularly Pete Arredondo, the chief of the school police force, who has since resigned from his position on the city council and taken forced leave from law enforcement duties.

More than anything, these parents want justice for their children and loved ones. Speaking out at meetings and holding marches is their first step. “This is far from over,” said Vincent Salazar, grandfather to 11-year-old Layla Marie Salazar.

According to local media outlet KSAT, the Texas House Investigative Committee could release the preliminary report within the next several days. While holding those accountable won’t bring the deceased back, it might help along the long road to healing that these families must still travel.

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