Vincent Evans Abandons Ship, Leaving Harris Down Yet Another Aide

Vincent Evans Abandons Ship, Leaving Harris Down Yet Another Aide

( – After a somewhat disastrous 2021, it looks like Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t starting 2022 off great, either. Last year, rumors surfaced of tensions between her and staff members. And low morale in the office. The departure of a couple of staffers lent credibility to the talk. Now, another worker has decided to head to greener pastures.

Vincent Evans, who worked as Harris’ political director prior to her election and through her VP nomination, announced that he was taking a position with the Congressional Black Caucus. He will serve as the executive director, a position he told CNBC he’s “deeply honored” to have.

Evans’ departure comes on the heels of the loss of two other key staff members: Symone Sanders, who served as Harris’ chief spokesperson and senior advisor, and Ashley Etienne, the VP’s communications director.

According to an unnamed source, Evans’ resignation isn’t due to tensions in the office and has nothing to do with the departure of the other two staff members. In fact, they said Evans is leaving on great terms with the vice president.

Maybe this is a coincidence. The rumors about discord between Harris and her staff may just be office chatter. But typically, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Why do you think Harris has such a high turnover rate?

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