Walgreens to Cut Benefits for People Without Vaccine

Walgreens to Cut Benefits for People Without Vaccine

(DailyVantage.com) – In the wake of the pandemic, many companies have implemented vaccine or test requirements, while others toe the line and offer incentives for workers who receive the jab. Walgreens falls in the first category, and the action it recently took has its employees up in arms.

In December, the CDC updated its guidelines, cutting down the isolation period for infected individuals to 5 days followed by a 5-day mask requirement for those who exhibit symptoms. Using the guidelines as its framework, Walgreens has decided to cut employees’ paid sick time — but only for unvaccinated workers.

All workers will receive 5 days of paid sick leave until February 23, at which time the benefit becomes available only to those who are fully vaccinated or have qualifying exemptions. Walgreens has followed in line with CVS, which did the same recently. Both companies previously offered up to two weeks of paid sick leave.

With Pfizer saying its two-dose vaccine doesn’t provide much protection against Omicron, why are workers being punished for something not under their control? Further, COVID-19 affects everyone differently, so if someone is sick past the 5-day benchmark, they now have to choose between going to work and potentially spreading the virus or losing their job. How is that fair or safe?

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