Weak Liberal Support Draws CHALLENGE from Incumbent

(DailyVantage.com) – Texas Senator Ted Cruz called out Democratic opponent Representative Colin Allred for the lackluster turnout of one of his events, pointing out the lack of support Allred seems to possess. Allred is one of 11 Democrats running in the Democratic senatorial primary for next year, and if nominated, he’d challenge Cruz for his spot in the United States Senate.

Despite the liberal lean of certain cities like Austin and Houston, Cruz remains the likely winner of the 2024 senatorial race for his seat and appears confident when discussing other candidates like Allred. Cruz commented on the upcoming senatorial race and claimed that mainstream media outlets would heavily criticize his policies to give his Democratic challengers an edge.

Allred will need that media attention, as his recent event in San Antonio only attracted a handful of potential voters. Cruz commented on the social media posts regarding the event, jokingly claiming that only six people showed up at an event located in San Antonio, a city with over 1.4 million residents. Cruz is a highly controversial Republican figure, regularly making national headlines for his stance against President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

Cruz recently made headlines for criticizing the FTC, specifically Chairwoman Lina Khan, whom Cruz accused of colluding with European nations to regulate and control tech corporations in the United States. Cruz’s allegations come just days after the European Commission instituted the Digital Services Act, which would create European regulations on companies like Elon Musk’s X or Facebook. Cruz criticized the act and the FTC for cooperating with the EU, claiming that the act undermines the sovereignty of the United States and aims to target companies headquartered in the United States.

Allred regularly criticizes Cruz during his public appearances in an attempt to bolster his popularity among voters before the senatorial primary ends next year. Allred claims that Ted Cruz is why many citizens feel disenfranchised by the American political system. Despite his protestations, Allred faces an uphill battle to win the senatorial race against Cruz, especially since Cruz remains the most popular senator in Texas.

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