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Voters Sought More Affordable Housing During the Midterm Elections

Voters Sought More Affordable Housing During the Midterm Elections

(DailyVantage.com) – In the weeks leading up to the midterms, the main priorities on Americans’ minds seemed to be the economy and inflation. However, when faced with ballots at the voting booths, many showed where their priorities lay in these times of economic turmoil. Around the nation, constituents showed they overwhelmingly favored affordable housing.

With rental rates set to escalate further — from 5.8% actual inflation to 8.4% forecasted inflation between June 2022 and May 2023 — people are really feeling the pinch in their wallets. And it’s not looking like it’ll get better any time soon. As such, many locales asked their voters to approve funding for affordable housing. Kansas City, Missouri; Austin, Texas; and Palm Beach County, Florida, approved measures to create solutions for the shortages.

These funds will go toward developing rental properties to help people avoid homelessness. For example, in Kansas City, the money will go toward “deeply affordable” housing per KCUR. Apartments and residences could cost between $550 to $750 per month. In Austin, Texas, the funds will also go toward purchasing land where the city plans to build the properties. Similarly, Palm Beach, Florida, approved a $200 million bond to construct as many as 20,000 affordable housing units over the next decade.

What do you think about the measures passing? Is affordable housing a concern in your area?

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