White House Interns Demand End to Israel-Hamas Conflict

(DailyVantage.com) – White House interns demanded an end to the Israel-Hamas war after writing a letter to President Joe Biden, criticizing him for failing to address the concerns of American citizens by ending the conflict. According to the letter, the interns want President Biden to support a permanent cease-fire between Hamas and Israel. The letter also criticizes Israel and accuses Israel’s military of perpetrating a genocide against Palestinians.

The letter is supported by over 40 interns directly associated with the White House, as it originated from the White House and Executive Office of the President. The interns responsible for the letter work directly under the White House and other offices within the executive branch. Despite calling for President Biden’s further involvement in a potential peace agreement, the White House isn’t publicly addressing the interns’ demands.

In the letter, the interns claim that the Biden Administration must enforce a permanent cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. The letter also accuses the White House of ignoring the demands for peace from United States citizens who wish to see the conflict end before more lives are lost. The interns responsible for the document refused to sign their names, instead listing the offices they are associated with. The offices listed in the letter are the Domestic Policy Council, the President’s Executive Office, and the Vice President’s Office. The letters’ authors also identified themselves as Jewish, Arabic, Muslim, Christian, Black, White, Asian, and Palestinian.

The interns’ letter comes just weeks after over 500 progressive government staff members and Biden appointees sent a letter demanding the Biden Administration’s involvement in a peace agreement between Israel and Hamas. According to the first letter, the White House’s outspoken support of Israel is causing internal conflict with progressive and moderate Democrats. The Biden Administration is vocal about supporting humanitarian aid for Gaza but claims a cease-fire won’t occur until Hamas’ forces are expelled from the region.

Israel and Hamas agreed on a temporary cease-fire for a hostage exchange and to provide humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza. The cease-fire ended quickly, however, which President Biden claims is due to Hamas’ attack on women and children. Following the end of the temporary cease-fire, President Biden claimed that any extended truce would enable Hamas’ forces to strengthen themselves and prepare a counter-offensive against Israel.

Despite the interns’ letter’s demands for a cease-fire and the growing support for Palestine, the Biden Administration is unlikely to call for an end to the conflict in the coming weeks.

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