White House Makes Nine Corrections to Biden’s Speech

(DailyVantage.com) – President Joe Biden recently gave a speech to the NAACP to celebrate the civil rights organization’s storied history, but some online commenters have pointed out several confusing statements from the president following the event’s end.

The White House has also addressed Biden’s speech, offering an edited transcript that corrected nine different statements from Biden. Biden’s various gaffes included mispronunciations and incorrect statements about when he served as President Obama’s vice president. Biden also seemed to forget the year the international pandemic occurred.

Biden’s most significant gaffe came as he talked about serving under the Obama administration, which he claimed occurred during the international pandemic. Biden said that he remembered talking to Obama about the pandemic and Obama asking him to travel to Michigan and speak to Chicago’s mayor about the city’s needs. The international pandemic began in 2020, four years after Biden left his position as Obama’s vice president, prompting online critics to accuse Biden of forgetting when Obama was the chief executive. The White House transcript corrected Biden’s statements regarding the pandemic, claiming the president meant to refer to the 2008 economic recession instead of the global pandemic.

Biden’s speech to the NAACP also featured multiple instances of Biden misusing or saying words incorrectly, including “insurrectionist” and “inspiring.” Biden mispronounced both words, prompting the White House to correct the words in the transcript and highlight what Biden meant to say. Biden also forgot the name of the NAACP, despite the speech focusing on the organization and Biden’s relationship with the civil rights movement and the Obama administration’s policies.

Biden also made multiple false statements about several Obama administration policies, most notably the Affordable Care Act. Biden claimed that the Affordable Care Act helped various American families save upwards of $800,000 and that the Obama administration helped keep landlords from raising rent throughout the United States. Biden didn’t elaborate on how the Affordable Care Act resulted in the aforementioned benefits and quickly moved on to other topics.

Despite Biden’s various gaffes, the White House claims that the president’s speech highlights his commitment to protecting American citizens’ access to medication and social benefits. Biden has made numerous mistakes in recent media interviews and event appearances, prompting some political experts to believe he cannot win the 2024 presidential election. The White House disagrees and maintains that Biden will serve a second term upon his victory over former President Donald Trump.

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