White House Official Refers to Low-income Communities As Communities of Color

Kamala Harris Fights For Low-Income Communities Only

(DailyVantage.com) – After a dismal first year in office, the Biden administration is working hard to improve its public image. Vice President Kamala Harris is stopping in cities across the country to promote the benefits of what the White House did manage to accomplish in 2021, but is it only creating new problems?

On January 24, the vice president headed to Milwaukee to visit a nonprofit organization replacing lead pipes in lower-income areas. She made sure to point out the funding from the administration’s infrastructure package was why this work could happen. While speaking, Harris also focused largely on the benefits of removing lead pipes for low-income areas, mainly in black communities.

The vice president’s message may not have come across the way she wanted. Her continued references to low-income communities of color and the focus on race made it seem less like she was there to highlight the administration’s successes and more like she was courting only people in those kinds of communities.

The Biden-Harris Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan seeks to increase the replacement of lead pipes and lead paint. It specifically requires targeting “underserved communities” for funding. The administration’s focus on communities of color may leave some other low-income areas without help, which may backfire on the White House and do little to increase the popularity of the president and vice president.

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