White House Proposes Citizenship for Immigrants Admitted by Biden

(DailyVantage.com) – President Joe Biden received national scrutiny after he addressed the ongoing surge of immigration when he demanded that lawmakers provide illegal immigrants a pathway to United States citizenship. Biden referred to the millions of immigrants who entered the United States under his administration, claiming they deserve the chance to become Americans and that United States lawmakers should allow them the opportunity for citizenship.

Biden’s comments come as the United States faces unprecedented immigration rates, with millions of immigrants crossing the southern border each year. In 2021, over 1.5 million illegal immigrants crossed into the United States. Encounters increased throughout 2022, with over 2,3 million immigrants entering the United States. 2023 saw another increase in immigration, with 2.4 million immigrants crossing the southern border into the United States. The ongoing immigration crisis receives regular attention in the mainstream media, but President Biden typically avoids the topic during press interviews.

Biden recently addressed the migrant surge during a statement, where he said he wasn’t satisfied with the immigration policies passed by United States lawmakers. Despite facing heavy criticism for his lackluster enforcement of border security, Biden said he isn’t happy with how hard it is for illegal immigrants to gain United States citizenship. According to President Biden, true immigration reform would provide permanent protections and a pathway to earning American citizenship for immigrants who enter the country.

During the press conference, Biden also referred to his upcoming border bill, where he called for Republican lawmakers to pass his proposed legislation. Biden then claimed that Donald Trump controls the Republicans in Congress, and a failure to pass his bill would result in border security failing. According to Biden, if Republicans fail to pass his proposed border legislation, Donald Trump would be responsible for the failing security at the southern border.

Biden’s proposed bill comes as the 2024 presidential election becomes the focus of American politics. During his first three years as the chief executive, Biden regularly claimed the southern border was secure and that there wasn’t an ongoing immigration crisis. Biden now seems to believe the crisis is real and is attempting to address it through policy. Some political experts believe Biden is using the proposed border bill to deflect blame about the immigration surge, as approximately 60% of voters blame him for the ongoing migrant surge.

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