Why Does Biden Back Ukraine? TRUE Reason EXPOSED!

(DailyVantage.com) – The scandal involving President Joe Biden and a bribery scheme with a foreign national reportedly links to Ukraine. 

 A Ukraine national reportedly sent Biden a “substantial bribe” to influence policy. The transaction took place when Biden was vice president to former President Barack Obama. 

Biden was allegedly involved in a bribe scheme with a Ukraine national that involved the Burisma oil company, media reports explained. 

Details of the bribery allegation were read aloud to Congress by Representatives Anna Paulina Luna (R.Fla) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R.Ga.). The document detailed allegations that the owner of Burisma Oil had claimed he paid Joe and Hunter Biden “$ 5 million” each in an effort to “shake off” an investigation into corruption.

President Biden reportedly responded to the accusations, and called them “malarkey.” Biden then asked where the alleged money he received was at present. 

However, right-leaning political analysts argued that the discovery could be a “breakthrough” for the GOP-led House Oversight Committee investigation into the alleged criminal business activity of the Biden family abroad. 

Political analysts expressed outrage that the news of the Biden bribery scandal’s source, which is reportedly one of the most serious accusations ever historically made against an incumbent president, was “overshadowed” in recent reports. The origin of the Biden bribery scandal was reportedly overshadowed by the breaking news that former President Donald Trump had been indicted in a federal documents probe case. 

Groups of right-leaning political analysts argued that the Trump indictment is a “political attack.” At the same time, the Trump campaign argued that the motion was a “witch hunt.” Trump faces felony charges in the state of Florida and federal courts for classified documents that he brought to his private estate at Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida following his presidency.

Trump argued that he had the right to declassify the documents and to keep them in his possession because he had motioned to do so while he was still president. 

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