World Leader May Have Accidentally Leaked Putin’s Plans

World Leader May Have Accidentally Leaked Putin's Plans

( – Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has continued for days now. Several countries have joined in to help Ukraine battle its much larger neighbor, but recent reports indicate one of President Vladimir Putin’s staunchest allies might have given away the leader’s true intentions.

On March 1, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus addressed the nation’s security council in a state broadcast. This event isn’t unusual, but what is remarkable is the fact Lukashenko had a map on display that seemed to show Russia’s invasion plan.

Tadeusz Gizcan, a Belarusian journalist, hypothesized it could show Putin’s plans. The map showed Ukraine divided into four sections and showed troops and weaponry entering Ukraine from Belarus. What’s even more startling is the same map seems to indicate Moldova is next should Russia succeed in annexing Ukraine.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point and should be taken with a grain of salt. Despite reports to the contrary, Lukashenko has said he has no plans to engage his troops in the battle between the two countries. A spokesman for Ukraine’s North Territorial Defense Forces, Vitaliy Kyrylov, confirmed Belarusian troops had entered Ukrainian territory.

If the map shown on state TV turns out to be accurate, Putin’s plans may be bigger than anyone previously thought.

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