WW3 Incoming!? White House Secret LEAKS!

(DailyVantage.com) – The U.S. plans an evacuation of American nationals from Taiwan as tensions between Taipei and Beijing mount. Beijing reportedly believes that Taiwan is under the Chinese regime’s sovereignty and is willing to use military force to impose “reunification.”

Media reports explained the process that U.S. government leaders are taking to prepare for the full evacuation of all Americans from Taiwan. The planning process has reportedly been underway for approximately six months. A senior U.S. intelligence official told reporters at The Messenger that the extraction process had “heated up” within the past two months. 

The intelligence official told reporters that the conditions prompting the evacuations were not anything you would not read in the news. However, sources explained, the evacuation process underway has prompted speculation that something is “going on” even if the officials claim that it is only “prudent planning.”

Political analysts reasoned that factors such as Beijing’s siding with Russia, Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, and the growing hostile demonstrations of military power in the waters surrounding Taiwan have served as the impetus for the extraction.

Despite growing fears, a Pentagon spokesperson told reporters that the U.S. Defense Department does not see a conflict between Taipei and Beijing in the Taiwan Strait as “imminent” or “inevitable.” While the Pentagon does not believe that this invasion is a guarantee, leaders are cautioning that, at present, it remains a “possibility.” Claims have surfaced from media reports that the CIA had a tip China had told its military to prepare to invade Taiwan “by 2027.” 

CIA Director Bill Burns explained Chinese regime leader Xi Jinping’s intentions to Face the Nation but explained likewise that this notice did not necessarily mean Xi would move to invade Taiwan in 2027.

The reported U.S. evacuation of its citizens from Taiwan will involve “80,000 people.” These people have been present in Taiwan since 2019.

World leaders face growing concerns over the semiconductor industry as the possibility of the Chinese regime invading Taiwan would impact semiconductor production.

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