Young People Don’t Trust the Media, Poll Finds

Young People Don't Trust the Media, Poll Finds

Young People AGREE – New Poll Finds Something Shocking

( – People commonly keep up with the daily news, whether local, national, or global, through various mediums. Yet, over the past few years, consumers who fall into the 16-40 age bracket — millennials and Gen Z — appear concerned about the information at their fingertips. A new poll reveals the complexities surrounding the trust people have in the news.

According to The Media Insight Project, the availability of sources, including social media, traditional outlets, and print materials, hasn’t necessarily elicited happiness or even trust among the nearly 6,000 surveyed regarding the news they receive. The majority, 90%, worry about misinformation, while 70% say they’ve already experienced it firsthand. Many report feeling jaded by these perceived breaches of trust.

The sources of daily news vary among those surveyed. Facebook is still the most popular outlet but at a much lower rate today (40%) than just seven years ago (57%). YouTube is the second-most used source at 37%, while Instagram is a close third at 34%. Others include TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. Social media may play a big factor in where the public receives its information, but 28% of those polled also pay for their content through paid apps, newspapers, and magazines. Yet a mere 32% find the information enjoyable, and only about 25% view the articles positively.

Overall, favorable attitudes toward the media appear to be declining regardless of where it originates. Still, on a positive note, most content consumers want a more balanced view. The poll showed 61% seek facts and fairness for all sides, and 57% want neutrality.

Do you think the poll results might sway how the media platforms present the news?

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