Zelenskyy Gets His Wish – Putin BRACES For Impact

(DailyVantage.com) – According to President Joe Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has promised that he wouldn’t use the F-16 fighter jets being provided to Ukraine by the US in Russian territory. F-16 jets are the latest form of western aid being provided to Ukraine during its ongoing conflict with Russia, that has been waging for over a year now, and some US citizens are concerned that the US providing Ukraine with aircraft could mark an escalation in the conflict.

This development came just days after Russia secured the city of Bakhmut, which was the center of a lengthy series of battles that lasted almost nine months. Although Ukraine claims that it still maintains control over parts of Bakhmut, Russian forces are adamant that they’ve captured the city. Regardless of this particular battle, Ukraine has coveted aircraft for a while, a request that is now being granted by US President Joe Biden, as well as other European leaders within the EU.

Zelenskyy appeared at the G-7 Summit in Hiroshima this year, in an effort to garner support and explain how the ongoing war in Ukraine was going. Zelenskyy also made comparisons to other global conflicts, mentioning that the city of Bakhmut was completely destroyed like Hiroshima, following the use of an atomic bomb on the city.

Following Zelenskyy’s appearance at the meeting Ukraine secured more support from western countries like the US, with Joe Biden promising another $375 million in arms, and armored vehicles. The US has already contributed almost $40 billion in aid to Ukraine during the war, and is now going so far as to provide fighter jets, a move that Russia has warned could be seen as the US escalating the conflict. 

Worries about the potential escalation of the Ukraine conflict were renewed recently, with insurgents launching a cross-border incursion into Russia. While the insurgents were swiftly defeated by Russia, their attack is concerning to many as Russia may consider it another reason to escalate the conflict against Ukraine.

Despite Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s promise to not use the F-16s in Russian territory, many feel as though Russia will use the US’ aid as an excuse to up their efforts in Ukrainian territory. 

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