Locals Arm Themselves as Immigrants Swarm Cities

(DailyVantage.com) – According to a recent report from the New York Post, thousands of California residents have begun arming themselves in response to the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants into cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. San Diego citizens, in particular, have started purchasing firearms and ammunition from city vendors, likely due to California border patrol releasing more than 100,000 migrants within the city. According to a San Diego gun store owner, the business has noticeably increased over the past few months.

San Diego gun store owner Cory Gautereaux claims that his store, Firearms Unlimited California, has drastically increased customers as the immigration crisis worsened. Gautereaux said that the increasing presence of illegal immigrants within San Diego has driven city residents to arm themselves, thus helping his business flourish. Gautereaux isn’t the only person who pointed out the trend either, as gun store regular Keith Carnevale said that he’s started purchasing firearms more frequently after the immigration rate increased. According to Carnevale, every member of his family now owns a gun.

Although California has some of the strictest gun regulations in the United States, its residents have started flocking to gun stores and advocating for self-defense due to renewed concerns of immigration posing a threat to Americans. California’s lawmakers have repeatedly attempted to limit the state’s citizens’ ability to own or purchase firearms, suggesting multiple controversial policies to regulate the firearm industry further. Among the proposed policies are a required yearly registration for weapons, which comes with an annual fee and an 11% tax on firearm purchases.

While San Diego has experienced an unprecedented increase in immigration over the past seven months, with more than 125,000 migrants entering the city, it’s not the only city facing a steeply growing immigration rate. The city’s immigration crisis reflects a struggle shared by various cities, including New York City, which requires federal funding to sustain the growing immigration population. San Diego recently received almost $40 million from the federal government to help financially support migrants within the city, as the city’s budget can’t accommodate the 125,000 new residents without finances of their own.

Supervisor Jim Desmond claims that the federal government shouldn’t be paying for migrants to remain in San Diego and instead called for the Biden administration to propose a policy meant to reduce illegal immigration. Desmond has been outspokenly critical of the White House since last year, regularly making national headlines by citing President Joe Biden as the primary cause of the ongoing immigration crisis.

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