Democrat Running for Congress Wishes Death Upon Supporters of Trump

( – In response to the recent Ukraine aid bill approved by the House of Representatives, a Democrat running for a congressional seat in New York wished death upon supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The congressional candidate, Nate McMurry, took to X, formerly Twitter, to express his support for Ukraine while also calling for members of the MAGA political movement to “die.” McMurray’s controversial social media posts come amidst a wave of celebration from Democrats, who all cite the Ukraine bill as a victory over the Republican Party.

While McMurray seemed happy about the Ukraine bill’s approval, online commenters were quick to criticize the congressional hopeful and accuse him of harboring violent beliefs. One such critic was Robby Starbuck, a controversial conservative social media personality, who claimed that McMurray supported the continuance of the Ukraine-Russia war. Starbuck also insinuated that McMurray would likely support reeducation for conservative Americans, given his outspoken disdain for the Republican Party and Trump.

Online commenters quickly messaged McMurray following his controversial posts, to which the congressional candidate responded publicly. One commenter said that McMurray supported a foreign war while also publicly wishing for American citizens to die for their political beliefs. McMurray responded by highlighting how Speaker of the House Mike Johnson supported the recent Ukraine bill, claiming that Johnson lied to voters when describing himself as a member of the MAGA movement. McMurray also included personal insults in his response, calling Trump overweight and a con artist.

Another online user, who appears to have served in the United States military, claimed that McMurray’s comments indicate his cowardly nature. The commenter said that if a domestic conflict were to start, McMurray would hide due to his fear of potential violence. The commenter also criticized McMurray for happily posting about MAGA supporters’ death and said that McMurray’s actions were “loathsome.” McMurry did not respond to the veteran commenter’s harsh post.

Despite the criticism from online commenters following his social media post, McMurray doubled down and posted another controversial message regarding the MAGA movement. McMurray said that the MAGA movement should disband and that the political ideology doesn’t have a place in the United States. However, McMurray’s comments could haunt his congressional campaign, as another Democratic candidate has called for New York to remove McMurray from the ticket. New York State Senator Tim Kennedy claims that McMurray’s campaign acted fraudulently in receiving the signatures required to appear on the ballot, which would make McMurray ineligible to run for Congress if proven true.

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