Biden Reports Uncle Missing in Dangerous Area of New Guinea; Military Disagree

( – During an appearance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, President Biden shared a bizarre story regarding his uncle’s service in World War II. According to the president, his uncle crashed in an area of New Guinea populated by cannibalistic tribes and went missing shortly after that.

Biden claims that his uncle, Ambrose Finnegan, crashed his aircraft after hostile forces shot his plane down during a reconnaissance mission. Biden finished the bizarre story by claiming that his uncle landed in New Guinea’s cannibalistic tribe region and that search efforts never uncovered his body.

During a speech to the United Steelworkers Union, Biden told the story about his uncle and shared his desire to see how World War II monuments in the area have memorialized his deceased veteran uncle. Finnegan reportedly served in the Army Air Corps, a predecessor to the modern-day United States Air Force. Biden said that following Finnegan’s initial disappearance, the United States government underwent search efforts but only recovered pieces of his aircraft. Despite Biden’s colorful story about his veteran uncle’s death, the United States Military’s records indicate a different chain of events.

According to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Finnegan’s plane crashed into the ocean off New Guinea’s northern coast during a standard courier mission. Finnegan’s plane reportedly crashed in 1944 and had four men aboard when its engines experienced a catastrophic failure. The accounting agency’s records indicate that both of the aircraft’s engines failed, resulting in the crash landing. Reports suggest that three of the men onboard the aircraft couldn’t escape the wreckage, with only one person surviving the ordeal.

Finnegan is among the three Air Corpsmen who went missing in the crash and remains unaccounted for. The United States government has recovered parts of Finnegan’s aircraft, but the bodies of the men onboard the plane remain missing. The recent embellishment of his uncle’s death isn’t the only time Biden’s stories have raised eyebrows due to their inaccuracies, as the president recently made similar embellishments when talking about his education history.

Biden told reporters last week that he was the first member of the Biden family to receive a college education, despite previously mentioning his grandfather’s stint as a college football player before World War II. Biden also famously bragged about his intelligence during his failed 1987 presidential bid, where he claimed he graduated in the top half of his law school class. Biden has since admitted that he graduated in the bottom ten percent of his class, raising concerns about the president’s lapses in memory. Despite Biden’s various anecdotes seeming improbable or inaccurate, the president remains confident that his mental abilities haven’t deteriorated.

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